“You have two homes: earth + your body…take care of them.”

Holistic health and saving the planet are my true passions. You can literally heal and reverse diseases with food and natural remedies from the earth…crunchy but fascinating! Ok real talk: it’s magical how powerful we become when we start to become intuitive with our bodies, with what we are putting in them, on them, even syncing with our cycles (hey ladies), and giving ourselves the self-care we all deserve.

I’m also on a mission to move towards a zero waste life…meaning creating minimal trash / waste and like bye-bye to plastic (so last year).  As I started to get into holistic health, conscious living came hand in hand. Watching documentaries and seeing what we are doing to our oceans and planet, made my heart break. I knew I had to make big changes in my life, start taking responsibility for my trash, and help spread the word...so here I am!

I live in beautiful Miami, FL. I love creating delicious plant-based recipes, sharing tips and thoughts about taking care of our bodies and the planet, non-toxic beauty & skincare fanatic, traveling, nature, connecting with people, and getting in all the movement (exercise if you will).

I made Live Weiser to guide people to look inward for all the answers. To realize that making healthy choices is empowering and does not have to be hard or complicated. That it is important to not only take care of our bodies but our planet. Nothing makes me happier than seeing one small shift some one makes from what I share. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!

I love collabing with brands I believe in, you can contact me at liveweiser@gmail.com